I was accused of Evading with Motor Vehicle and I knew that I did not intentionally avoid the police. I did not hear or see them behind me but when I did I pulled over. Mr. Wilson reviewed the facts of my case and applied the law. The State finally dismissed my case.


An ex-girlfriend made a false accusation about me hurting one of her kids. These were serious charges and I had a prior conviction. Mr. Wilson fought for me and after over a year of fighting, the District Attorney dismissed my case.


The insurance company denied my claim when it was obvious that I was not at fault. My previous lawyer dropped me as a client and I had few options. I was referred to Frederick Wilson. He reviewed my case and took me as a client. After filing a lawsuit, he got the insurance company to reverse their decision and I received a great settlement.


My claim was denied by the insurance company and I was seriously injured. Mr. Wilson took on my case and filed a lawsuit on my behalf. We were able to get the insurance company to see that they were wrong and received the maximum recovery.


I was charged with Aggravated Robbery by an alleged victim who knew me. I spent months in jail and refused to accept any plea deal because I was Innocent! Mr. Wilson requested the evidence that was supposed to be against me. He investigated the facts of what was supposed to have happened found that someone else committed the robbery. The District Attorney dismissed the case on the date of trial.