In an increasingly health-conscious society, more people are opting to use a bicycle for their commute, exercise, or riding just for fun. While this eco-friendly mode of transportation is often convenient, one split second can make all the difference between a safe ride and an accident.

Drive Alert to Arrive Alive

Cyclists have the same rights and responsibilities as other drivers behind the wheels of any other vehicle. While you may be confident in your safety measures and awareness of others on the road, it's an unfortunate fact that you cannot guarantee all other drivers are as attentive to their surroundings. Driving defensively can help you avoid a crash. While riding your bicycle, assuming that other vehicles on the road don't see you will help you be much more alert and capable of avoiding a crash.

Texas Bicycle Accident Statistics in 2017

According to the Texas Department of Transportation, there were 2,687 total bicycle crashes reported in 2017. Of the 2,687 auto accidents involving bicycles, only 180 were reported as injury-free. That means only a lucky 6.4% escaped their accident without injury. Additional statistics include:

  • 57 of those crashes resulted in reported fatalities

  • 334 of those crashes reported suspected serious injuries

Even though you may regularly exercise your best efforts to ride your bicycle to and from your desired locations safely, you might still find yourself the victim of a bicycle crash with a vehicle.



If you or a loved one has been injured in a bicycle accident, you understand all too well that the cyclists often bear the worst of the damage.

Why Reach Out to an Attorney?

There are many variables that should be considered to know if you have a case for compensation. With an experienced bicycle injury lawyer in your corner, you have a much better chance of recovering fair compensation. Time is also an important factor in assessing your accident and setting a clear, legal path forward towards the best possible outcome. In the state of Texas, there are time limits to filing a claim. If you are questioning your eligibility for compensation after a bicycle accident, it is wise to reach out and speak with an experienced attorney as soon as possible.

While trying to find a path to recovery can be difficult enough, the legal processes on top of it all can be too overwhelming to navigate on your own. With my experience as a bicycle injury lawyer, I know the right questions to ask when evaluating the best options for your case.

Did you know…?

Harris County has previously been listed amongst the top counties with the most reported bicycle crashes in the state of Texas. With my experience representing clients in the legal communities of Houston and surrounding areas, I’m not afraid to take on tough cases. Depending on the severity of your case, you may even need representation in court. This is a more specific area where an experienced attorney can have a major impact on the results of your case.

Questions to Consider After an Accident

  • Was the other driver obeying the laws of the road?

  • Were there road conditions that impaired the other driver’s vehicle?

  • Was visibility a factor?

  • Where is fault likely to be attributed?

My firm, the Law Office of Frederick K. Wilson II can work to investigate the answers to these questions. It is my goal to ease your suffering through the recovery process by shouldering the legal burden your case needs for success. Allow me to be the trusted legal counsel in your corner so that you can focus on what matters most. I will fight aggressively for the fairest outcome for you.


With two office locations for your convenience, The Law Office of Frederick K. Wilson II is available to address your legal concerns in Houston, Sugar Land, and surrounding areas. Call today to schedule your free consultation. Time is of the essence, so don't wait to reach out. Let's discuss the details of your accident to see what I can do for you.