There’s nothing more frustrating than fighting for compensation for your medical bills, pain, suffering, and lost wages after you’ve been injured by a negligent party. In addition to dealing with the painful injuries, you must deal with an insurance company that cannot begin to comprehend the chaos an auto accident cause in your life. Frederick Wilson will take up that fight for you. You can be assured that he will handle your case in a manner where you are the priority. While he can get you compensation for economic loss, pain, and mental anguish, Frederick will make sure the insurance company knows how your injury affected your life.

To the insurance company, you are just another random person claiming to be injured. There are too many instances where the adjusters handling your claim take your injury for granted. They are trained to doubt your injury and their offers to settle your claim reflect that. Do not put yourself through that frustration. Frederick will not rely on slogans or a phony combative stance. He uses his twelve years of experience as an adjuster to identify issues, that entitle you to the maximum recovery under the law.

If you’ve been injured in an auto accident, count on the Law Office of Frederick K. Wilson II. We worked for these insurance companies for years, we have the experience and the knowledge to bring you the maximum settlement you deserve. Call us to have the best chance at securing a favorable settlement from the negligent insurance company. We're dedicated to delivering quality legal services while keeping your best interests front of mind. When you need effective representation in your personal injury case, work with the Law Office of Frederick K. Wilson II, Schedule a consultation with our attorney today by calling 832-430-2869.

Experience and knowledge will lead to maximum compensation from insurance companies. Look no further call us Today.

“I know how these insurance companies work and how adjusters think. I know what it takes to get you the maximum settlement you deserve, I have been on the other side as an adjuster.”